High School Youth FAQ

1)  Where do I find you when I come to your Church?  
We usually meet in the Gym at John Wesley UMC. (however it is the best kept secret that we have a gym so we call it an all purpose room.)  It is also not the easiest to find if you have never been to our church.  So here are the best directions I could come up with  If you enter our parking lot from Savannah Highway drive between the building and play ground and park in the back lot on your right.  The gym door is to the right of the dumpster.  

2)  What do you do when you meet?
The hour and a half silent prayer never really took off.   So over painstaking years of research we have discover a different program format where we have time to hang out (shoot hoops, play volleyball, clip you finger nails, or just talk with friends)  group discussion based off a brief talk, skit, and/or video, playing a really unusual game (code word for "You made him do what?"), share a meal (pizza, wings, chili, subs, tacos, and such), and we do have time for us to share prayer concerns.

3)  Will I meet the love of my life?
If you mean boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife all I can say is maybe.  (This Youth program is they way several of our now married adult couples met.)  If you a looking a deeper spiritual side all I can say is I hope so.  Our goal is to introduce you to God to show you how much he loves you and the world by looking at the sacrifice he was willing to give.

4)  Do you offer weekend away from my parents?
Yes we do.  We sometimes call them retreats, camps, or trips (this helps let you adult supervisor let you go.)  We call the weekend parties.  Most of them involve gathering with other youth for a weekend of friendship and fun and amazingly enough we usually end up in some deep conversations about what your life should be like.  We have participated in Young Life Windy Gap, South Carolina Spiritual Life Retreats, and Ski Trips.